Guide to Framer’s hosting infrastructure


Guide to Framer’s hosting infrastructure

Framer's hosting infrastructure is top-notch, designed for simplicity, performance, and reliability. We use Amazon Web Services (AWS) as the foundation, utilizing CloudFront, S3, and multiple global, load-balanced frontends with large in-memory caches.

Let’s first start with the hosting features unique to Framer:

  • Instant deployments and updates. Framer publish is optimized for sub-second upload times, so your site is deployed, updated or deleted instantly without waiting – across the globe. Instant deployments are liberating and quite addictive. You won’t want to go back.

  • Dynamic resources. We resize and optimize your images, stream your media and bundle, chunk and tree-shake your scripts to deliver them at optimal speeds in the context of your site, all automatically. We can do this because we know what you designed, unlike normal hosting providers.

  • Pre-rendering. As soon as you publish your site, our servers render it in the background (server-side rendering) and send a copy of the pre-rendered site with every visit. This greatly speeds up how fast the site loads for users. We additionally pre-render every responsive version too so you get these advantages on any device. Pre rendering also makes sure that Google can index your site the best way for SEO.

  • Staging and versioning. Optionally, you can publish preview links by default without updating your main domain. After inspection, you can instantly promote a specific preview link to your main domain. If something goes wrong, you can instantly roll back to any version.

But we do the (advanced) basics extremely well too:

  • Global presence. We leverage a global content delivery network (AWS CloudFront) to deliver and cache all your resources close to your users, so they are delivered at the lowest latency and highest bandwidth, wherever they are in the world.

  • Load balancing. We host your site on multiple machines worldwide so they can easily handle a sudden spike in traffic, avoid downtime, and guarantee high availability.

  • Content compression. We compress your content whenever we can (using gzip or Brotli) to deliver your site as fast as possible.

  • Image compression. We compress your images to the most efficient format your browser supports.

  • Multiplexing. We use the http2 protocol if your visitors browser supports it so we can send multiple resources over a single connection to speed things up.

  • SSL certificate. We dynamically generate (and renew) the needed SSL certificates for your custom domain to deliver your site securely using Let's Encrypt or ZeroSSL.

  • Application firewall. We protect your website with a global application firewall. We provide DDoS protection for sites on an Enterprise plan to prevent bad actors from hacking your site or bringing it down.

Technical details

Our hosting infrastructure was designed to be as simple as possible and scale massively. After your site is pre-rendered the static assets get uploaded to an s3 bucket. The static html is then served from different locations close to you using a simple caching Go frontend that manages certificates and instant updates from behind the AWS load balancer. Everything else is directly served through CloudFront with AWS Accelerator and origin shield enabled.

Hosting options

If you require greater control over your hosting setup or desire a custom hosting solution, our Enterprise plans provide various options. Please reach out to us for further information.