Under attack?
We got your back.

Framer actively protects customer sites that are under DDoS attack.

Slack Channel

Dedicated Hotline

Thanks for your submission

We’ll get in touch shortly.

Thanks for your submission

We’ll get in touch shortly.

Thanks for your submission

We’ll get in touch shortly.

All systems operational

All systems operational

All systems operational

DDoS attack

An army of bots is hitting your site with millions of requests. The server gets overloaded and your site stops loading.

Global scaling

Framer quickly scales up a network of servers to fight of the incoming traffic from the DDoS attack.

Security challenge

Real visitors won’t notice anything. The browser solves a security challenge and automatically loads the page.

Status update

Receive status updates about the attack over Slack. We’ll keep you in the loop on what’s happening.

Enterprise Hosting
Enterprise Hosting

Everything you need to keep your site running

Everything you need to keep your site running

99.99% uptime. Experience uninterrupted service with our uptime guarantee, backed by a robust SLA for enhanced reliability.

Custom Visitors. Take control of website traffic by setting custom visitor caps, ensuring optimal performance and resource allocation for your enterprise.

Custom Bandwidth. Tailor your bandwidth requirements to match your enterprise needs with our customizable bandwidth options.

Isolated IP. Your site will point to distinct IP addresses, separating your site infrastructure from self-serve customers. protecting your site from attackers.

Premium CDN. Deliver content faster, reach a global audience, and ensure top-notch reliability with our enterprise-grade Premium CDN.

Custom Hosting. We’ll help you with a configuration for your own Amazon CloudFront setup that you can run from your company infrastructure account.

Get the complete web design platform

Premium hosting, management, security, and support for every site in your organization. We can help you get up and running in no-time.



SOC 2 Type 2


ISO 27001

GDPR Compliant


  • “We migrated most of our well-crafted pages to Framer. Our designers create and ship without devs. Framer’s new landing page with shoutouts to Lottie and LottieFiles is heartwarming! You folks are amazing, and we're grateful for all you do!”

    Nattu Adnan, CTO

  • “Framer is awesome and we loved working with you to get this done! V2 release in 35 days ... shhhhh”

    Robert Vis, CEO

  • “We’re now able to ship a completely new site in minutes instead of hours or days.”

    Carlton Keedy, Senior Engineer

  • “Framer is way less intimidating than other site builders. With the UI of Framer being so similar to Figma, which was already in our tech stack, we were able to ramp up our designers quickly – building and launching our new brand guidelines in just over a week with no engineering support”

    Talia Eisenberg, Senior Brand Designer